Green Heating & Renewables


Our Brief

Established in 2011, Green Heating & Renewables is a Berkshire-based company specializing in heating and renewable energy solutions. Despite years of successful operation, the company recognized that their branding and website were not effectively representing their business. Seeking guidance, they turned to us for help. We were confident in our ability to provide the necessary recommendations to improve their brand and website.



The company’s existing brand lacked impact and was not easily memorable, so a new logo was necessary. Green Heating & Renewables wanted to highlight their commitment to sustainability, heating, and renewable energy, and we set out to create a brand that conveyed these values. After considering several options, we selected a modern, bold logo that established the tone for the entire business.



Having established a strong brand, Green Heating & Renewables wanted to increase their online presence and generate more business through their website. Our goal was to create a visually striking website that reflected their brand and values, while also providing a smooth, informative experience for visitors. As experts in lead generation websites, we designed and developed a comprehensive website that met all of their requirements.

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